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A collective for those partnered to medical practitioners.

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The Australian Doctors Spouse Network is a collective community for those partnered to Medical Practitioners. An inspired space to come together online to share our experiences and the lessons learnt. Passed down from generation to generation, we educate and we share the unique experience that is being a medical spouse.

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Meet the ADSN Council

Our founding council Kenna and Amanda started ADSN with the intention to help spouses and families moving around Australia in support of a medical journey. No one else knows what is like more than those who are going through the exact same thing you are, especially the pressures and challenges that come with medicine and surgery. Over the years it has turned into so much more, with our now Facilitator Jeanette working with the community  to create a movement that can sustain, support and educate all the new generations of spouses going through the same journey we have.

Meet the Team

Incommon Podcast

Coming soon – The incommon podcast will be a podcast showcasing honest conversations focusing on the common subjects around the one thing a community of people have INcommon… and that is… being partnered to a medical practitioner. It is through these conversations I aim to shed light on the life and the experiences partners/families and spouses lead to support the journey that is medicine.


We know more than anyone all the challenges you are facing and what it is that you need. Flick through the online journal to find resources and a whole range of topics aimed to assist in knowing that you too are not alone.

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