About ADSN

ADSN collective is a National network with thousands of spouses dotted across states, moving constantly, fellowships, accommodating study requirements, training programs, day to day life, children, exams and so much more. Being subject to all these challenges makes us privy to the unique experience that is being partnered to a Medical Practitioner and what is required to help us get through those most challenging times. Over the years that ADSN has been around it has become evident how powerful this resource is and how much more we can give back to our community to help the future generations coming through.

If you are a spouse to a Medical Practitioner or a Doctor yourself, this is the community for you and the place to find all the information about all the challenges we face. Together through this online platform we have created life long friendships as well as support that is specific for the needs of a medical spouse and with the launch of ADSN Collective we aim to increase the level of awareness and resources that we have available to support all the requirements of a medical spouse, right through to understanding the expectations of different medical and surgical programs.

Meet the ADSN Council

ADSN collective has been formed by medical spouses with the founding council Kenna and Amanda creating ADSN, with a fresh new look and facilitator Jeanette taking over in 2020.

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