This year’s ASC conference is in Christchurch New Zealand, so ADSN thought they’d put together a guide for those partners attending. Some of our spouses based in Christchurch themselves have put together this guide of their favourite places near the Te Pae Convention centre to visit.



Is the Christchurch Public library, next to Te Pae Convention centre. It is open to the public, with a dedicated children’s floor, café and views of the city. It is a wonderful place to relax, catch up on some reading or let the children burn off some steam especially on a rainy day.



Margaret Mahy Playground

Want to visit the Southern Hemisphere’s largest playground? The Maragaret Mahy Playground was named after New Zealand Author Margaret Mahy. This is a family-friendly multi-age playground with food trucks. It is across from the cafe called Child Sister, which also offers great coffee and a fantastic takeaway cabinet.

The Arts Centre


This is one of Christchurch’s heritage buildings which has a range of activities. Have a coffee and real fruit ice cream at Frances Nation. Sweet treats can be found the Fudge Cottage and the Tiny Toy shop upstairs is child friendly with wondeful toys and a small play area for kids.


Christchurch Art Gallery

The Chch Art Gallery has free entry for everyone, there is something for everyone in the Art Gallery. There are free tours for all ages, and the gift shop is worth a visit.

Christchurch Tram

This is the best way to take in all the sights and hear the history of the CBD. There are 5 historical trams stopping along all the sights of the CBD. A day pass lets you hop on and off the tram to explore the city. A great thing to do for locals and tourists and it stops by most of the places mentioned on this map.

Riverside Market

This is an indoor market consisting of a 7-day-trading indoor market linked to a vibrant network of boutique retail, restaurants, cafes & bars. There is food for everyone and the perfect place to catch up with friends. Don’t forget to try the local favourite Dmitri’s Souvlaki or head upstairs to Kaiser Brew Garden.


Botanic Gardens

The Christchurch Botanic Gardens is beautiful all year round and is right next to the CBD. Amongst the wonderful gardens, the Ilex Café has fantastic coffee and snacks and there is a children’s playground for kids.

Boring things to help you on your way to the conference. Our members have pooled together their knowledge to help locate these amenities close to the conference for those ‘just incase moments.’



71 Lichfield Street


After hours Doctor

401 Madras Street Christchurch


Emergency Tailor

In case someone needs an emergency repair of clothes

11b/166 Cashel Street, Christchurch

Emergency outfits

Kate Sylvester

Is a friend of ADSN and specialise in women’s clothing. They will be offering a glass of bubbles (or sparkling water if you pop in and shop)

Shop 1B/112 Cashel Street Christchurch



It is New Zealand’s oldest department store and prides itself on customer service. They have a range of clothes for the whole family. If you have forgotten anything for your trip, the friendly staff will help you out.

We hope you enjoy ASC 2024!